Monday, June 26, 2017

Maybelline NY - Vivid Hot Lacquer

My today's post is a mixed one because I want to show you, besides the manicure I made a lip lacquer that I recently received for review from L'OREAL Romania. The product I am talking about is:  Maybelline NY - Vivid Hot Lacquer.

The brand launched seven pigmented and super glossy shades that are perfect for this summer, if you like HOT looking lips. I will show you today the deep red shade - 72 Classic. 

The lip lacquer has a great applicator and a creamy consistency that last quite long on the lips. I applied the formula with it's own applicator and I obtained a high glossy finish and I can say that my lips were not overwhelmed, they felt light and not very sticky. But as I am a fan of matte lipsticks, I thought to apply it with a lip brush and I simply loved the suede effect I obtained. So, my opinion is that this lip lacquer is very versatile, you can go for a soft finish by applying it with a lip brush and if you like the hot and sexy look than you can go for the full coverage and glossy finish using the applicator. 

As a conclusion, this product has a big plus from me for it's ultra saturated, intense pigmented color and for it's fantastic and very versatile formula! 

As about my nail art, I didn't wanted to put on my nails just a simple color that matches this lip lacquer, I made a fluid marble nail art that I have recently saw on other girls. It's a messy job, but the effect is interesting and it looks artistic. Actually it's an easy technique: you put a bigger amount of different colored nail polishes on a silicone stamping head, you move it and push it until you obtain the wished fluid marble effect that you like.  After it dries you can apply it on the nails. Cut down the excess and finish it with a top coat. Maybe I didn't choose the perfect colors that match the lip lacquer but I like the nail art it came out. 

How do you like the nail art? How about the lip lacquer? Do you own any Vivid Hot Lacquers? Can you recommend me other shades? 

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