Monday, June 12, 2017

Stamping plate holder

Today I am going to show you a useful plate holder that I received from the Born Pretty Store for review. I already own a plate holder for round stamping plates, I showed you here, but my collection of rectangular plates is getting bigger and this holder was much needed. I stored my plates in the cardboard sleeves, the one with the products are shipped, but when I needed one particular plate to use for a manicure I had to take out all of them to seek for the one I wish to use. This is why I like plate holders, the inner sleeves where the plates fit in are almost transparent, made of soft plastic and the plate patterns are visible without taking them out. Problem solved :) The exterior dimension is perfect for most of the plates  I own (12.5cm x 6.5cm) and it is made of a bright pink PVC material and has a safe snap closure. In the sleeves fit 20 plates in but you can use two in one sleeve and than you can store much more. 

This product is a great solution for does of you who have many stamping plates and as you can see it is a very stylish and handy object that can be stored anywhere! 

If you like it, you can order it here, and don't forget you can use my discount code from bellow, for a 10% off of your purchase! Just visit the Born Pretty Store site. 

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