Saturday, June 3, 2017

Inspired by

Hello ladies, how are you today? I am trying to come back with some nail art, but I totally lost my mood, inspiration...and nails too. I had to file my nails down to very short ones, because they broke almost daily. I hope they will grow fast and with it will come my inspiration too.

My today's nail art was inspired by the amazing, very skilled and talented Maria, the owner of sonailicious. She made a beautiful Japanese style nail art that I fell in love with and had to make it on my own nails. I added in this nail art a little bit of my touch, I used 3 nail polish colors instead of 2 and finished my mani with a matte top coat by Catrice. I hope you like the result, it is a summer nail art that is easy to make and draws the attention. 

I wish you all a fantastic weekend! 

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