Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Beauty Bigbang nail foils

Now days nail art foils are very trendy and there are so many types of ones that I am always in trouble when it comes to choose just one. Well, the Beauty Bigbang site thought to make a pack of 12 little boxes of different nail foils. It was a fantastic idea because this way you get silver foils, gold foils, rose gold foils and an interesting spotted copper foil which has shades of green, blue and purple in it. The foils are super thin and easy to apply. I made two manicures and with the help of a tweezers I ripped in small pieces the foils and just put them on my painted nails on random places. The foils have a beautiful effect and any simple looking nail art can change to an extravagant one because of the shinny looking foils. 

In the past I used such kind of foils (but they were ruff and not so thin like these ones) and I always had some problems when I put the top coat on, they lost their shine or they shrink, well this time everything worked perfectly.

If you like the set of foils you can find them HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code too, for any of you're purchase from the Beauty Bigbang site. 

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