Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween claws

I think I mentioned so many times that I don't like to were Halloween nail art on my nails that you all got bored already...but I have to admit I enjoy to see the creations of others a lot. 

Last weekend I stayed at home with my daughter because she got the flue and thought to have fun and make some Halloween nails. I own a Born Pretty Store plate with specific patterns for this theme, that I have never used so, it was time for it to put it in action. But considering that I don't like to were this kind of nail art, I thought to make them on nail tips and this way experiment some new nail shapes too. 

In the same time I tried a UV soak-off nail polish (Chameleon UV Gel Multi Chrome Soak Off #9) that I have received for review from the Born Pretty Store, that goes perfectly with the design I imagined. First I matched some nail tips to my natural nails and shaped it to fit as well as possible. I used a black soak off nail polish for the base and added the duo-chrome topper in one coat. The formula of the nail polish is thicker but it can be applied very easy. Curing time in the UV lamp was 2 minutes. Than, I stamped the Halloween patterns form the BP-L031 plate with a white stamping nail polish and added here and there glitter UV nail polish to make it a little bit glamorous :)) I finished it with a top coat and than placed it on my nails. In the photos is visible that the nails are fake, but still, it was fun to make something different than usual. 

If you like the nail polish you can find it HERE and you can use my bellow seen discount code if you purchase something from the Born Pretty Store site. 

Now, I am super curious about your reaction to my mani. It is clear to me that this shape is not for me and everything looks fake, but for Halloween I think is't OK, don't you think? 

Happy Halloween to all of you who celebrate it! 

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