Sunday, October 1, 2017

Shades of Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and even if I am very, very busy with other stuff than nail art I had to do a manicure and support this cause which is close to my heart. Why, well I am sure most of you already know it.

Living a pink life is hard, I don't want to go in details of all the hard things I've been through from 2012 until now, you would be terrified to hear it. I just want to raise awareness and tell you how important is to make a yearly check up for your breasts...and for your overall health condition. IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE! This is not a myth it is the truth. If it does not hurt, does not mean that you can not have a problem or even worth, cancer. My breast cancer did not hurt, I just felt a small lump and from that moment on everything changed in my life.

Seeing some old videos I saw how much I've changed through these 5 years, because of chemo, hormone treatments, surgeries, but I am here and I am alive, and I can be with my family and raise my daughter. I don't know what the future will bring for me but I will never give up the fight, even if sometimes I am extremely tired of it.  Besides that I want to share my experience with other women and my daughter, because I think people can find inspiration or even resources if it is needed through my story. The tragic fact is that not everyone survives breast cancer. But if women are diagnosed in early stages the chance of full recovery is very good.

I hope that you like my manicure for this case and don't forget the most important thing, go make a screening and monthly you can make a self-examination too. HERE you can find 5 steps how to do it correctly.

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