Sunday, January 21, 2018

Chrome pigment from Beauty Bigbang

I like very much to try out different kind of pigments and see the effect of them on the nails. I really wanted this chrome like one and I received it for review from the Beauty Bigbang site. I used it on a black UV soak-off nail polish to obtain that wonderful chrome effect. The MAGIC ROSE GOLD CHROME NAIL POWDER comes with a make-up brush together but I prefer to apply it with a silicone head tool and rub it on the sticky surface with light pressure for a fantastic finish. It it very important in this case to have a flawless base because after applying the pigment any bump or imperfection is very visible.

I like to use powder pigments because they are versatile, depending on what kind of color base it is applied. As I mentioned above I put it on a black base, but if you prefer a pink result of this powder you can apply it on white or red. 

Even if I liked this pigment on my nails just on it's own, I couldn't resist to double stamp two of my nails with a plaid pattern. I think this design is perfect for this season. I made the double stamping with a white and a gold regular nail polish. 

I don't  know about you but I love, love the result and I am anxious to try the pigment on other base colors too. If you like this powder you can find it HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase from the Beauty Bigbang site.

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