Friday, January 26, 2018

Glitter as snow

I continue reviewing some products I received last year and here is a beautiful white silver glitter powder from the Beauty Bigbang site. I am pretty sure many of you will like it a lot because it looks fantastic on the nails. The product came in a small, sealed plastic bag, which is awful because it is extremely hard to take out all the fine glitter particles. 

I painted with a white UV soak-off nail polish my nails as a base for the glitter. After curing it I applied the finish and on it, I scattered the glitter powder and cured it again. This way I obtained that beautiful glitter dust effect which looks like a sparkly snow. I combined it with a red nail polish and a girly water decal.

I think this glitter is very beautiful and elegant it does feel a little pit rough on the nails but it is not annoying at all. The amount of the powder is not much, I definitely going to need more. If you like the glitter powder you can find it HERE and just use the bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase from the Beauty Bigbang site. 

The product is on SALE now on the site

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