Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Beauty Bloggers Meeting Christmas Party

I am a little-bit late with this post because as you can see in the title it is about a Christmas Party, but regarding that in the winter holidays I didn't had any time for the blog, you have to excuse me 👀

All of you who read my blog-posts from a longer time, already know that I participate to a yearly beauty bloggers meeting from Cluj which are kind of highlight of the year for me as a blogger. From last year on the four lovely ladies who are the organizers of this event, Anca PopJulia Hasch Gabriela Popescu , Cleopatra Coman started to invite us seasonally, which is absolutely fantastic because we always talk about topics that are commune for us. I have to mention that most of my friends don't give a damn about blogging so of course I am happy to be in a community that have the same interests like me! OK, this time the girls invited me to a Christmas Party in a cosy place called UBA Accommodation. The place looked fantastic and I felt like home, we ate pizza from Marty restaurant and sweets done by Full Chocolate/Csupa csoki. But I live you with the photos to see better how the atmosphere was there.

Gabriela Popescu Anca PopJulia Hasch, Cleopatra Coman 

Catalina Cotoc, Romina Talpos, Bianca, Me and Latis Isabela
Madalina Merca, Sigina, Bianca, Mihaela Elena, Catalina Cotoc, Alina Boda, Romina Talpos, Debora Tentis, Latis Isabela

At the end of the event we received some fantastic goodie bags and this is why I want to thank all the sponsors and of course the organizers too. It was a fantastic evening and I am super happy that I am in this community!

I hope you all liked this post and soon I will be back with some nail art too!
Have a fantastic day!

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