Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Elegant nails with decals

I wanted to show you this mani for a long time ago but I don't know, maybe because I was a little bit angry with it I did not do it so quickly. Last year I won a giveaway from Unghiutze Colorate - Happy Nails which was sponsored by Malika Colors and I received some nice colored nail polishes and cosmetics. I was super happy about it because the nail polishes looked pretty nice. When I received the package I instantly knew that the first nail polish I am going to try will be the one called  SUTRA HEART from the BUDDHA BAR COLLECTION. It is a very nice rose gold mixture with metallic shimmer which looks extremely elegant and subtle on the nails. I added two layers to obtain a complete  coverage. Then I used some black lace water decals to complete the manicure. The nail polish is quite chip resistant, even after 1 week of using it looked quite nice on my nails. The problem was when I removed it, my nails were very yellow, even if I had a base coat which was not from this brand. Maybe the base coat was not good enough for this nail polish, I can not explain the situation because in the ingredient list I can not find formaldehyde that can cause this problem and this is not even a dark nail polish, so I have a lot of ??????? in my head. I asked the girls who already used this polish and just one of them complained about a little bit of yellow coloring after the removal. I noticed some bubbles too after the mani dried completely so, I really don't know where was the problem. Maybe a chemical reaction with something. 

Besides the problem I had after using this nail polish, I have to mention that I like the brush, application is easy with it and I was surprised that such a shade can cover in just two coats. I am going to try the other polishes too, after my yellow nails will grow out and will come back with details. If it happens again it means that this brand is not for my nails. 

Did something similar happened to you?  

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