Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Holographic foils form the Born Pretty Store

I didn't used for a while nail foils and when I saw the holo foils on the Born Pretty Store I was so intrigued and amazed by it that I had to try them. I choose the geometric patterned ones but on the site you can find 8 different kind of foils and they are all amazing!

The foil is quite long and it contains a lot of small and big geometric shapes on it, which is good because the application can be tricky and you can have fail attempts. The big shapes are thought for longer nails, because as you can see bellow in my first mani the pattern does not look exactly like on the foil. For a proper application you will need a foil glue, if you use regular nail polish and on UV nails, which have the inhibition layer you won't need the glue. 

I had some problems until I released which one is the side that must be applied on the nails, but besides that application is quite easy, after the nail glue dries and becomes translucent you put the foil on it and rub the surface with pressure until the foil transfers completely on the nails. As you can see in the pictures on some places the foil did not transferred well enough, but all in all I am pleased with the result. I had no special finish for nail foils but I used Sally Hanssen's Double Duty and everything worked fantastic. 

All in all I liked the result, the holo effect looks very nice on the nails, I need more practice when it comes to a perfect application, but as I mentioned I am very pleased with the product. If you like it too, you can find it HERE and you can use my bellow seen discount code for 10% OFF for all of your purchases on the Born Pretty Store

Now the product is on SALE and it costs 0,99$

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