Friday, February 2, 2018


Hello ladies, how are you? I am super happy that this week will end, I am tired and a total mess. Yesterday I had various symptoms of stress and I felt awful. But regardless of this today I am going to show you a simple mani done with a very precious nail polish by Malika Colors which I won last year and an elegant satin matte polish by flormar. 

Before I say a few details about this nail polish, I want to mention that I wore this mani more than a week and the gold polish showed no chipping, a big yeeey for it! 

The nail polish is called ABU DHABI and it has 24K gold in it. This is why the price of it is quite high. First when I saw the color I thought this nail polish won't look good on me but after I painted it on my nails, I changed my opinion. The formula has a great consistency, it can be applied easily and it dries fast on the nails. The finish of it is glossy but for a better resistance I applied a top coat too. 

You all now that I already made a mani with this brands nail polish, HERE, but I didn't knew anything about this company and I was very curious. I got in contact with one of the spokesmen's and she sent me this via e-mail: Malika Colors is a company specialized in the production of nail polishes and cosmetics. The story of our company and passion for cosmetics begun 30 years ago in a charming city in northern Italy called Bergamo. The brand and the cosmetics were created by an ambitious young man with the thought to offer diversified and high quality products. Malika Colors is an international brand that represents continuity and devotion to beauty, with a wide portfolio of customers, thanks to a team of professionals, always willing to keep up with the newest trends. The brand successfully entered to the Romanian market too recently.

Sounds like a company with lot's of experience!

I think the mani looks elegant on me and I have to mention that this is the first time that I have real gold on my nails 😊😊😊 

I removed yesterday the mani and the polish did not stained my nails at all so, last time perhaps I used something that made a chemical reaction and this is why my nail became yellowish! From a few days ago I received three new pretty nail polishes from Malika Colors from their new ITALY collection and I am quite anxious to try them! 

Until than have a great weekend and please tell me how do you like my mani?

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