Monday, July 27, 2015

Colorful french

Because of the hot weather I am in the mood to were colorful clothing and nail art. My today's mani is a colorful french with a subtle holo print on it. 

For the base I used two coats from my new 6 in 1 essence - nail candies, which is a light nude shade, perfect for a french base. This polish promises to  strengthen the nails, protect them, fill the ridges, to dry fast and live a glossy finish with a fruity smell. I can not tell you about the strengthening quality, because my nails are already strong, but I can tell you that it it applies super easy, dries fast and lives a sweet candy like smell. 

I took out randomly from my stash a few colorful polishes and applied on each of my nail an another tip color. I won't list now each polish, if you have questions about them, just ask me in the comment box. 

I applied after drying a subtle silver holo stamping pattern. Maybe I should have live it without, because the pattern is not visible! 

All in all it is fun to were such a colorful manicure! 

Have a great day and week. Thank you for stopping by!

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