Friday, July 3, 2015

Tag: Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict

I saw last week this tag on two of my favorite blogs (Ditta's Nail design & art, Ere K's Beauty Shelf) and I loved it so much that I've decided to take it too. Let's see the questions and my answers.

1. What nail polish are you wearing on your nails (and toes) right now?
I usually don't paint my toe nails, so they are not painted and on my nails I were: 

Just a preview of my new mani, made with the phone :) More next week.
2. What is one nail product can’t you live without?
I have many nail product's I can not live without and I could number them here, but if I must name one than it would be Eveline 8 in 1 treatment. This product worked magic on my nails. From the time when I started to use them, my nails are healthier than ever! 

3. What is your favorite nail brand (mainstream and indie)?
I don't have a favorite nail polish brand. I am usually not drawn by the brand, I prefer different colors and finishes and when I see one, and I like it, than  the brand does not matter. 

4. What shape nail do you wear (short or long)?
Well, that depends on how attentive I am with my nails, it happens that I brake them down and than I have to file them short, but honestly I prefer long nails. 

5. What is your go-to colour?
Green. I can not resist a beautiful green shade!  

6. What is your favorite nail polish finish?
Hard to answer because I don't like just one. I prefer creme, jelly, matte, glossy, suede, glitter and so on. But my absolute favorite ones are the mutichrome and holographic finishes. 

7. What’s on your nail polish wishlist?   
My wishlist is extremely long and it becomes more and more longer as the time passes by :)) On my wishlist they are Dance Legend, Essie, ILNP, Fun Laquer, P2, essence and many, many more polishes.

8. When do you usually paint your nails (morning, afternoon or evening)?
I unfortunately have no time to paint my nails in the daytime, so I am forced to do them in the evening when my daughter goes to sleep. Than it is my time for relaxation and fun, playing with the colors and techniques!

9. What’s your top nail tip you swear by?
I don't have tips, besides, don't cut the cuticles, use a base and top cot when ever I paint my nails. 

10. What nail polish do you regret buying?
I never regret buying a polish but as I already mentioned in an another TAG, Coral Milano and some Farmasi polishes didn't satisfied me.

11. Neons or pastels? Brights or darks?
Between neons and pastels I definitely would choose the pastel shades, but I like in summer time to were neon's too!  

I like in the same way bright and dark shades too!

12. What is your holy grail white, black and nude polish?
I don't have one, but I liked very much how Pure Milk - Flormar covered, and the shine of Maybelline Onyx Rush nail polish is absolute fantastic. As the nude shade I like very much P2 Volume Gloss - Cute girl.

13. What is one brand you want to try but haven’t yet?      
Dance Legend, all the polishes I saw until now blow mind mind, they are gorgeous! 

I hope you enjoyed this TAG, feel free to take it too and answer the questions!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by. 


  1. Vai Miha, acum chiar mie rusine, ca nu imi amintesc. Imi cer mii de scuze daca, nu am fost atenta la nomonalizare si TAG, poate eram prea ocupata cu alte chestii. Acum sincera sa fiu, nu am timp de manichiuri si mi-a venit bine acest TAG. SCUZE! Saptamana viitoare o sa postez si manichiura din prima imagine. Te pup.

  2. Stai liniștită, nici eu nu te-am anunțat, deși ocazii am avut. :D Mă bucur oricum că ți-am aflat răspunsurile, mi-a făcut plăcere să citesc postarea!

  3. Te pup. Esti o scumpa! Weekend frumos iti doresc.

  4. A true nail polish design addict. All these nail looks are wonderful and truly amazing! :) xx Maja

  5. I always wondered when you had the time to paint your nails and now I realize that you are also very busy and make the time at night. Very interesting interview; thanks for sharing.

  6. I loved reading this post and all about your nail habits :D I also got to see nail art from you I hadn't come across before, gorgeous! Thank you for sharing so much with us :D xx

  7. Great tag! Maybe I will do this one myself. Lovely photo's!

  8. Stephanie LovestruckLacquerJuly 10, 2015 at 9:31 AM

    I'm surprised you haven't tried Dance Legend yet since they're such a big brand now and you seem like you have a lot of polish! hehe you should try soon :) I really like the green 3x ruffian looking mani!

  9. I hope that someday I am going to try Dance Legend polishes, I love them all! Yes, I have a lot of polishes indeed, but some well known brands are quite expensive and this is why I don't own any of them :( Thank you for stopping by and always leaving me nice comments!

  10. Yeeey...I am curious about your answers. These kind of TAG-s give me space and time to make new manicures :))

  11. Oh yes, I would like to have the time to paint my nails in the daytime, but until my child is small I can not do it :)
    I am glad that you liked this TAG!

  12. Yes, I declare myself a polish addict and all my friends know me so :))
    Thank you for your comment!

  13. Thank you. Yes the duchromes and holo polishes can live them in a store :))



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