Friday, July 31, 2015

Double stamping

I wanted to try this technique from such a long time and I really don't know why I avoid it to make a mani with it. When Miriam - Nailtalk, encouraged me to do it, I took out all my stamping plates and seeked for a pattern that I thought it would look well stamped on each other. I used for the base a neon green polish from Letica Well, this is a Portuguese nail brand. I stamped on it with a white and then with a black polish a wave like pattern from the plate BPL-005 from the Born Pretty Store.

The stamping did not came out as clear and crisp as I wished but the weather was so hot when I've done this mani, that the polish dried instantly.

I hope you like this vibrant manicure. I am sure I am going to make other designs too with this technique, because I like the effect very much!

When you're reading this post I am already in vacation, so for a week I wont post anything and after that I hope I will come back with a lot of energy and new creative ideas. Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by! 

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