Thursday, September 10, 2015

Born Pretty Store lace stamping plate

Today I am going to make a review for a stamping plate, BP-L020 that was on my wishlist from the moment it appeared on the Born Pretty Store site. Lovely Tina was so kind and she sent it to me, an now I can tell you my opinion about it.

I made two manicures, the first is not so great and the second one is my absolute favorite one.

For the first one I used a nude polish from Avon - ColoTrend - Rare and I stamped the flower lace pattern on two of my nails, using just a simple transparent base coat and the black Born Pretty Store stamping polish. For a more elegant effect I added two rectangular shaped silver studs on the lace pattern.

The second manicure is more colorful and fun looking one. I used a pale nude/orange shade from Astor - Bridal's Bouquet #102 as my stamping and dot base and I combined it with the wonderful vibrant textured orange shade from FOA - Mango Slurpee. I love the final result a lot.

All in all this stamping plate became my absolute favorite one from all I have in my collection, the lace patterns are very versatile and elegant one, many interesting nail designs can be done with it, even for weddings too. I think all of you already know it, but I am going to repeat myself, the plate is very well carved in, all the patterns transfer very well on the nails. I like very much that the Born Pretty Store made for each of the new stamping plates a very trendy and stylish cardboard cover, this way the plate is safe at transportation and why not, after each use.

If you like the stamping plate you can find it here, and now it is on SALE, don't miss the occasion to get it. I recommend it to all of you who like elegant nail designs. If you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store, you're welcome to use my discount code from bellow.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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