Sunday, September 27, 2015

JORD wood watch review

As you saw in my previous posts, I try to add now and than other themes to my blog, besides nail art. I showed you recipes, jewelry’s and today I am going to show you a special watch. When JORD reached out for me and asked if I want to try one of their watches, I was thrilled and very excited. First I was curious about the brad and I am sure some of you do not know about it, so I am going to mention a few facts about it. JORD watches are hand-crafted wood timepieces that tell a story are designed for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, but somewhere to go, as the product website describes. The trendy looking watches are made from natural wood with a diverse selection of automatic, mechanical, tourbillion, and quartz movements. JORD offers several designs for man and women too. These watches are Shock resistant, accurate, and built for durability.

I like to wear wristwatches even if today’s technology offers a lot of new products on the market that replaces it. In my opinion a classic wristwatch is timeless and even if most of the people are not wearing them for their functionality these days, they are beautiful accessories. A classy and elegant watch on the wrist communicates a lot about each person’s style!

JORD let me chose from three watches and I liked very much the design of the Zebrawood &Maple watch from the Fieldcrest series. I was very excited to try it. 

I received my watch very quickly in a wooden box which is effective and very beautiful too. In October I have my 40th birthday and this watch came like a gift for me. The wooden box is a perfect gift box! The watch was elegantly put around a pillow along with additional links if the watch size don’t matches my wrist perfectly. But before sending it out, JORD Watches customized and sized the band to fit without any problem.

What I liked the most about this watch: it is very light and comfortable; the design is stylish and classy; the wood wristband is flawless and smooth; the closing clasp is easy to use and offers security. 

I made a manicure to match my amazing new watch. My first instinct was to make a design that matches the pattern of the wooden wristband, but I know that many already did it, so I was inspired by the name of this watch and made a nature inspired/zebra nail art. I used two polishes Models Own - Trillion Taupe and ASTRA - Romantic Italian Colours #92.

I have to mention that I am usually allergic to some of the wrist bands of the watches that are made from synthetic components, and I know that I am not alone, because my best friend has the same problem. This is why my watch needs to have leather or in this case a wooden wrist band. Using this watch on a daily basis I was pleasantly surprised that no rash appeared on my wrist! I can recommend this watch to any other person with these problems!

JORD offers free shipping worldwide! 
Don’t miss the opportunity to choose a unique hand-crafted wooden watch that matches your personality. Just check JORD Watches!

 Now I am curious, do you like to wear wrist watches? 
If you could choose from any of the JORD Watches, which one would it be?
Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD

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