Sunday, February 18, 2018

Malika Colors Italian Flag Collection

As I mentioned in one of my last posts about Malika Colors I came back with a picture heavy article because I made a review for the nail polishes I received in the last package from the brand. I am talking about three nail polishes from the limited edition Italian Flag Collection. As the collection name mentions I am going to show you a green, white and red nail polish.

The polishes have no names unfortunately, so I am going to write the code of them.

4611-12 - it is the dark green nail polish which is extremely pigmented and needed just one coat for full coverage. The formula is perfect I applied it effortlessly and dried in no time to a glossy finish.   

30 - the white nail polish which is a milky cream looking one. Well here I had a little bit of problems at application because it dried very fast and the formula was a little bit thicker than the other ones. I needed 2 coats to get a full coverage and it dried matte. Because the application was not so effortless I didn't received a perfect neat mani. Though I like the polish I will use it for nail arts. 

60 - the red nail polish in my opinion it has that perfect feminine shade which makes the nails look sexy 💗 it does not lean too blue or too orange. The formula is the same like at the green one, I had no problem at application and I used two layers to have a full coverage. The finish of the polish is glossy. Looks sexy, isn't it?

I used all the polishes in a nail art and made some accent nails by doing some stamping decals with flowers, using the white matte as a base! As my favorite color from this collection is green (obvious 😉) I painted my other nails with it. 

I like very much the polishes from this collection and if you do it too, until the last of the month it is on SALE, just go grab it and make some Italian flag like manis! Visit the Romanian site of Malika Colors for nail polishes and make-up products too! They came out recently with some stamping nail polishes, so I am extra curious! 

Which nail polish from this collection is your favorite one?

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