Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fruit ice-cream without sugar

How is the weather in your town? Here is quite hot, even if some days it is raining, the temperatures are very high! Because of this weather, I like to eat and drink cold foods. 

I declare my self an ice cream dependent, but because my diet doesn't allow to eat sugar, I had to rethink my usual ice-cream recipes.

All you need for this homemade ice-cream is frozen fruits! I always have in my fridge frozen bananas (does one that are very sweet and brown spotted) and berries. I made two different kind of ice-creams, one with blueberries and one with strawberries.

You add the frozen ingredients in a powerful blender and mix them together until they become creamy. For a special taste you can add different kind of spices, I put a little bit of fresh ginger in the one with strawberries. You don't need anything else, just the above mentioned ingredients and after a few minutes you can enjoy a healthy and full of vitamins ice-cream.

You can serve it in a bole or you can make Popsicle.

Do you like ice-cream? Do you have any other kind of recipes that is free of harmful ingredients?


  1. Amazing Idea ,looks yummy :)


  2. Arata grozav!
    Eu mai amestec fructe congelate cu mascarpone sau iaurt cremos si tare imi place!

  3. ce idee grozava, de abia astept sa incer si eu reteta :-)

  4. Fantastic arata!!! Yuumiiii!!! Cred ca printesa cu unghii pictate a fost in extaz! :D
    Bravo, Andrea! :* :*

    Lavender Thougths

  5. Dupa cum bine stii, nici eu nu am voie zahar si normal ca tot ceea ce e interzis pare mai atragator, ispititor.
    Si eu sunt dependenta de inghetata, asa ca o s-o incerc si eu.

    O zi buna!

  6. that looks so delicious!
    happy day!


  7. Yummy!
    Trebuie sa imi prepar si eu inghetata dupa reteta ta. :)

  8. Uhm, my mouth is watering - it looks so delicious!

  9. Vai cât de bine arată! Mi-ai făcut instant poftă de înghețată!
    Draga mea, te-am nominalizat la un tag la mine pe blog. :D
    Te pup! :*

  10. Glad the sunshine arrived ;) Hey that looks super yummy, even I am tempted and I am not an ice cream lover at all, but this one made of fresh fruits looks delicious and is just right up my alley. Thx for sharing. Hope the good weather will stay for awhile so you can enjoy the summer.
    kisses honey

  11. At the moment dinner time and oh my... I need this!!!

  12. Such a great alternative to traditional ice cream. And I'm sure the taste is as nice!

  13. wow, fantastic idea :)- wonderful pictures my dear :)

  14. MHHH it looks so jummy, especially the popsicle! I love normal ice cream, but when it's really hot I like to eat popsicles so a fruit popsicle is a great idea!

  15. This looks so delicious! It's so perfect!! You get the fruit servings AND it's yummy like ice cream! How long did you freeze it for?

  16. Oh wow, they look amazingly yummy!! :)



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